Birds at Golden Gate
Wondering if they can swim to Alcatraz
Downtown Sanfrancisco from the Bridge
50mm fixed lens
Just being silly, this isn't a thing.
Just being silly again
Not the best focused shot but it'll do
Possibly a Ngaio ?
Lychee tree?
Golden Gate Park
Victorian Box
Scilla Peruviana
Scilla Peruviana
I think this is Dog-Rose? Rosa canina
Cala Lily & Spreading Rush
Mallard Ducks
Blurry because I was walking backwards
3 chicks, a nearby couple told us there were 7 before the herons got them.
Orange Flowers
Yellow and Orange Nasturtium
Possibly California Goldfield
Waterfall near Strawberry Hill
Possibly Graham's Sage
Yellow Bush Lupine
Starting to bloom!
Echium Candicans
Oenothera elata
View of the water from Strawberry Hill
Golden Gate Bridge from Strawberry Hill
American Coot & Mallard
American Coot & Cautious Mallard
Water Parsley
I think this is Pacific Aster?
Escallonia Rubra

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