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Full disclosure: The links below will take you directly to the product page for items that I've used and had success with from These links are my affiliate links and if you purchase an item from the link, I may receive a commission on the purchase.
These are the minimum recommended items for a successful grow of two plants. You could certainly go with a larger tent to grow more plants, or simply order multiple tents. As mature plant heights can vary I prefer tents that are only "1 plant deep" so that I can access all vegetation on the plants from the front entrance for pruning, maintenance, and canopy management. When using a tent that allows for 2 plants depth make sure to account for the fact that plants in the back may become difficult to access if the front row of plants is taller.
Hydroponic or Soil Growing
Grow Tent - Minimum Size - 2' deep, 4' wide, 5' tall
Liquid Nutrients (Plant Food/Fertilizer)
Grow Lights - 2 per tent (each light will cover half of the tent)
Fans for Air Circulation - Helps prevent mold and insects.

Growing in Soil
Recommended for Auto-Flowering or Photo-Period Plants
5 Gallon Fabric Pots - Compatible with Bottom Watering
Potting Soil - High Quality

Growing in Hydroponics
Recommended for Photo-Period Plants Only
Root Spa Hydro System - For 4 plants
Clay Pebbles - Holds plant upright in hydroponic basket
pH Control & Test Kit - Check and adjust water pH

Highly Recommended
While not mandatory, these items will help ensure a successful grow. Items include a brief description of why I recommend them.

Hydroponic or Soil Growing
Carbon Filter - Helps control smell especially during flowering.
Smart Power Strip - Automate Light Cycles
Smart WiFi Hygrometer/Thermometer - Monitor temperature and humidity in tent from anywhere
Trellis Netting - Helps train plants and keep plants upright while they're developing.
Growing in Soil
Self-Watering Fabric Pot Base - Partially automate watering once plants are established. Wait until roots are near bottom of fabric pots before switching fully to bottom watering.

Growing plants in an Indoor Greenhouse / Grow Tent
Full write-up in progress. Page will be updated regularly.
Selecting & Purchasing Seeds - Where can I get seeds?
Seeds are now available locally in Minnesota at several places, but I would recommend checking out the selection at Down in the Valley stores. If you wish to purchase seeds online, I've had success with seeds from these vendors (Google them):
Mary's Own Seed Company
Royal Queen Seeds
Selecting & Purchasing Seeds - Should I choose auto-flowering or feminized (photo-period) seeds?
Auto-Flowering seeds will typically grow plants that stay in a vegetation growth state for a short period of 3-4 weeks and then begin flowering automatically with no need to manually adjust the light cycles in your tents. These plants tend to be easier to grow by comparison for a number of reasons. Your light cycle will remain the same throughout the entire lifecycle of the plant from germination through harvest. I typically run my lights for 18-20 hours a day for auto-flowering plants. Auto-flowering plants are generally easier to work with, especially when you are just learning to grow.
Feminized (or Photo-period) seeds will typically grow a plant that will stay in the vegetation growth state for as long as you keep the grow lights on for 18 - 24 hours a day. A grower will typically prune/groom the plant and train the plant with netting or other methods to try to develop a wide, bushy plant with a large canopy that is all about the same height to allow for best coverage with your grow lights. The plants will not flower until you change their light cycles manually. To trigger flowering in a feminized/photo-period plant you will simply reduce the total number of hours of light the plants receive per day down to ~12 hours per day. Once the light cycle has been reduced the plant will begin flowering typically in 1-2 weeks and will continue flowering for several weeks after that.
Auto-Flowering Pros & Cons
Easier to grow than Photo-Period
No need to change light cycles

Less control. Once heavy flowering starts, the plant will stay the same size until harvest.
Feminized (Photo-period) Pros & Cons
More control over vegetative growth and flowering

More hands-on-time required.
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